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The specialist in technical solutions for online data collection.

We offer our clients the best solutions by continually leading the way in technological developments related to data collection. As we work exclusively with our own software, there are no limits to what we can create. We are happy to be part of the start-up phase of a project so we can advise our clients on technical, efficient and affordable solutions.

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Our expertise.

Data Collection

DataIM represents the continuous interaction between people, processes, data and possibilities to discover insights real time.


The availability, confidentiality and integrity of your data is of utmost importance to DataIM. Our three ISO certificates show that to our clients.


DataIM is your sparring partner from the early start of the project on. We like to present to you all technical possibilities and efficient solutions.


Get on-the-fly insights in your data. Online dashboards continuously give you insights in your research, data and results.

Case studies.

We are proud that many of the world’s leading corporations and (market) research firms rely on DataIM technology and services for their research and feedback needs!

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