Software Quality


Quality cannot be sprinkled onto an application or survey right before it gets exposed to our clients. Rather, it must be a part of the entire software development life cycle (SDLC) from inception through implementation. At DataIM we are constantly aiming for the highest possible standards and working on methods to continuously achieve higher qualities.


The acronym DTAP is short for Development, Testing, Acceptance and Production. For every piece of software and for every service DataIM delivers, we use separated environments to make sure the highest quality of software and services can be achieved.


A penetration test, pentest in short, is a regulated software attack on survey or web application that looks for security weaknesses, potentially giving access to the application’s features and data. At DataIM we perform regular pentests on our software; not only on our standard software but also on custom applications developed for our clients.


OWASP stands for “Open Web Applications Security Project”. These are specific tests that the developers at DataIM use to help pinpoint areas of weakness and prevent security issues from happening. OWASP is always changing and evolving to the latest technological developments.