Bugaboo started working with DataIM through Stadspeil, now known as Big Data Small. In a unique collaboration Bugaboo supplied the general idea of the questions they were interested in, Big Data Small transformed this into a questionnaire and DataIM arranged the technical functionality and the possibility to fill in the survey online. The collaboration started in 2011 to measure the experiences of Bugaboo Donkey users and the way they use their product – as innovative products typically also evoke new kinds of behavior. The amount of surveys grew over the years, to measure the satisfaction of the Bugaboo Donkey users approximately six years after they started to use the stroller.

Because every respondent bought the stroller on a specific date, the invitation date to every survey is unique for every respondent. For example: a respondent who bought the stroller 2 years ago needs an invitation for the third survey in line. But a respondent buying one today, needs to get an invitation for the first survey tomorrow. To serve these special timing needs, DataIM has programmed what is called The Invite Logic, which calculates day in day out which respondent should receive which questionnaire.
Four years later, the Invite Logic is still up and running. Not only to measure the satisfaction of Bugaboo Donkey users, but the satisfaction of all the Bugaboo strollers (Cameleon, Buffalo and Bee), worldwide. Therefore, the survey is not only in Dutch (the original language of the survey), but also in English, French, Spanish and German. This targets the customers in Japan, Australia, Russia and Canada, to name just a few countries.

The 15 questionnaires contain standard elements, which are asked every time. A few of them are the living situation of the respondent, brand awareness, the way stroller is being used and the service they are receiving from Bugaboo. If a respondent is unhappy about the service or the product and would like to get in touch with Bugaboo about this, it is possible to indicate this in the survey. A background process of the survey signals these needs, to automatically notify the service team of the country the respondent comes from. This way, getting in touch with Bugaboo is easy and the provided technique establishes a continuous improvement of customer satisfaction.

Another way to continuously monitor the output of the surveys is by using a dashboard, made by DataIM. In this dashboard, it is possible to make graphs based on real time data. For Bugaboo, this is an easy way of exploring their own data set and communicating the results to different departments within the organization.
The surveys, the Invite Logic and the dashboard taken together is called The Bugaboo Feedback Monitor: a continuous system in which the quality and satisfaction with the products of Bugaboo are measured up to six years after the stroller is sold.

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