With collecting data comes great responsibility. At DataIM we take this very seriously and therefore we make sure all of our services, software and processes are compliant with all relevant legislations, guidelines and ISO standards.

What is compliance?

Compliance means adhering to laws, regulations and internal guidelines. This is very significant for a company working with sensitive client data such as DataIM. We have a special responsibility to our customers, business partners, employees, the environment and society not least because of our market position.

Importance of compliance

Often companies think defensive about compliance since in cases of non-compliance the penalties can be severe. At DataIM we believe that compliance forms the very foundation of our services. There is no such thing as non-compliance as far as we’re concerned.

Compliance at DataIM

Compliance is the cornerstone of our internal regulations and binding for all employees of DataIM, the DataIM subsidiary companies and suppliers. Our internal compliance program also includes additional regulations such as the compulsory vow of secrecy and periodically attending meetings about new and changing legislation and guidelines.